About ACS

About ACS Reclamation & Restoration Company

ACS was founded in 1985 by the Huwa family near Keenesburg, Colorado. We have grown from a tiny four-employee operation, to one of the top reclamation companies in the United States.

Today, over 500 full-time employees and 500 seasonal workers fulfill our multiple reclamation projects across the continental US. Our land reclamation expertise, our fleet of skilled employees, and our customized equipment, allow us to complete any land reclamation job you may have, efficiently.

ACS's Humble Beginnings in Reclamation

In 1985, we founded ACS as a small local reclamation company. We had our first reclamation project in a local housing-development. This little job led to other small local reclamation jobs.

But this all changed in the summer of 2002…

The Fire that Set ACS Ablaze

Although we had been doing reclamation work for decades before, our work with the clean up after the Hayman fire in 2002 is where we truly realized that the skills we had obtained through generations of our family farming the land could be used in reclamation projects restoring the land. There was a serious risk of contamination to the water supply of 1.5 million people in Denver after the Hayman fire, we helped to mitigate that risk.

What ACS is All About

While the dimensions of our business ventures keep growing and changing, two things always remain the same:

Our ties to the land and a strong code of ethics. ACS is at the heart of our family businesses. It has grown from working the land to fencing, to environmental restoration. It has driven the birth of several related companies. But rest assured, ACS still represents our Huwa values.

When it comes to your land and your restoration needs, just know this: we will treat it as if it is our land. We know how to protect the land, and we know that there’s a balance sheet at the end of the day. This translates into you getting the best solution for your land restoration project safely, on time, and on a budget that works.

Our Core Values

  • Safety: Our top priority is the well-being of every person.
  • Commitment: We’re loyal to co-workers, clients, vendors, and communities.
  • Accountability: We’re accountable for our actions, commitments, decisions, and results.
  • Communication: We invite open and honest communication.
  • Humility: We share responsibility and credit.
  • Integrity: We act honestly without compromising the truth.
  • Respect: We respect ourselves, our team, and others.
  • Family: We honor and cherish our families.

Our Employees are Our Success

We value our employees. They are the driving force behind why our reclamation projects are all so successful. We spend lots of time training them in techniques and safety. We start each day with a general safety meeting and focus on job expectations and goals for the day. Every single one of our employees also has the power to completely halt work if they feel a situation is unsafe. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing and competent employees.

Together with Our Partners, There's No Competition

One advantage we have over our competition is our sister companies. In addition to growing ACS as a land reclamation and environmental restoration company, we have also grown other companies that complement each other.

Duraroot offers natural resource consulting and environmental sciences. This helps us with our due diligence before developing our solution and proposal. It also gives us the ability to do follow up studies and make sure our solutions are working properly.

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SolSpec offers aerial data analysis. With their actionable mapping software, we can pinpoint areas of hydrologic concern even before they develop into an issue. We can spot erosion and landslip in its infancy, remedying it before it grows in costs and damages.

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Hanging H has over 300 years of combined experience, safely constructing some of the nation’s most challenging pipeline projects. They offer a wide range of Oil & Gas Construction Services, including pipeline construction, distribution, integrity construction, facility construction and specialty services.

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Our Annual USA Reclamation Summit

Every year, we are heavily involved in the annual USA Reclamation Summit. With Keynote speakers from ACS, Huwa Enterprises, and our sister companies, we are known as the industry leaders in land reclamation.

Why are we educating others on ecological restoration and land reclamation, including our competition?

Because we are all in this together. We only have one planet, and we need to work together to take care of it. We are happy to contribute to the education, growth, and success of this very important industry.