Safety at ACS

We don’t want our employees hurt, they are a valuable part of our operations and they are just great people. We have protocols in place to ensure the safest possible environment we can create while performing our reclamation projects. We put them through extensive training and include them in every step of the process, so they know what to expect ahead of time. Our safety numbers speak for themselves, zero is a great place to be and we aim to stay there.

The health and safety of our people, property and environment is our top priority. At Huwa Enterprises we place the safety and security of its activities, the health of people, the protection of the environment, and the satisfaction of its customers at the top of its priorities.

Huwa Enterprises endorses Goal Zero Safety Culture and believe that all injuries and accidents are preventable. We strive to achieve Goal Zero by integrating safety into all operations, including: cultivating commitment from our management, clearly defining and communicating roles and responsibilities, allocating sufficient resources, establishing systems and processes that integrate health and safety best practices, ensuring teams are appropriately trained, and engaging employee participation in proven safety management systems.

Our expectation is that all occupational hazards are identified, assessed, and effectively controlled. This process includes pre-job planning, developing site-specific health and safety plans, conducting job hazard analyses, and performing safe work practices to meet or exceed all local, state and federal regulations.

Huwa Enterprises strives to be a preferred place to work by ensuring a diverse and healthy environment where individuals can develop and contribute to overall success.

One Vision: Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Full-time Safety Team

Fit for Duty Procedures

PEC/Safeland Instructors

AHA CPR/First Aid Instructors

Skill Based Competency Training

Continuous Near Hit Reporting

Work Permit-Daily Job Safety Analysis

Annual Safety Training Day for staff, customers, vendors, and community

DOT/PHMSA Drug & Alcohol Policy Compliance

Professional DynaMetric Profile Leadership Training

Comprehensive New Hire Orientation
 and Safety Training

Energy Worldnet and Veriforce Operator Qualification Evaluators